Extended reality
Endless amount of NFT metaspaces for crypto-communities and friends
2022 Roadmap
Metamask and Phantom wallet integration (April)
Since the end of April month, we will be supporting Metamask and Phantom wallet authentication, so you will be able to decorate your room with Ethereum & Solana NFT assets
Immersive NFT spaces drop (May)
We are going to publish the first collection of immersive collaborative spaces where you could join and invite your friends
Builder tool beta (June)
We will roll out a very powerful browser-based builder tool so every NFT space holder could decorate his space with existing NFT assets like Crypto punks or Boring Apes.
Arcade games roll out (August)
We will drop collections of immersive arcade games so you and your friends could enjoy playing darts or table tennis together in your space.
Collaboration request form
Let's build together.
We are constantly looking for talented artists and beautiful collections that will fit our XR ecosystem. Apply here if you have a project and want to work together.
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